Employers and Unions Reach 2009 Wage Agreement

Employers and unions agreed at a meeting on December 12, 2008 of the National Interest Coordination Council (OET) to a general wage increase of 3-5 pct in 2009 and to establish Hungary's monthly minimum wage at HUF 71,500 next year. 


Hungary's current monthly minimum wage is HUF 69,000.

As a result of the agreement, the minimum monthly wage for skilled workers will be increased from the current HUF 86,500 in two phases, first to HUF 87,000 in January, then to HUF 87,500 in July.

The OET asked everyone involved in local wage negotiations to make retaining jobs their highest priority. The council also urged that an agreement be reached on 2009 public-sector wages as soon as possible.

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