The Third Meeting of Central and Eastern European Central Bank Governors Is Held in Budapest

On  March 20, the Magyar Nemzeti Bank (the Central Bank) hosted a working meeting of six Central European central bank governors in Budapest.

The meeting was the third in a row of regular meeting of governors of central banks of the region following in each case the regular March General Council Meeting of the European System of Central Banks.
The governors of regional central banks discussed matters of mutual interest and, among others agreed to continue the in-depth monitoring of their financial systems and agreed to extend the cooperation of further strengthening the macro prudential supervision throughout the region.
The participants discussed the impact of the financial crisis on the Central European economies and the various policy responses of the participating countries.
The participants of the meeting held on March 20, 2009, have been the governors of Banka Slovenije, Ceská Národni Banka, Magyar Nemzeti Bank, Narodowy Bank Polski, Národná Banka Slovenska and Oesterreichische Nationalbank.


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