EU Decision Procedure Concerning Metro Line 4 is Proceeding According to Plan

The National Development Agency rejects allegations claiming that the European Commission has rejected some of the documents of the Budapest Metro Line 4 investment on the grounds of official information issued by Brussels.

The fact that Hungary has submitted the highest number of major projects to Brussels from among the member states of the European Union demonstrates the success of Hungary’s development policy. 
Hungarian major projects include, among others, major transport developments, such as, the construction of Metro Line 4, the development of the tramway network in Debrecen and Miskolc, the construction of Motorway M7 and Highway M43, as well as the development of the Kelenföld–Székesfehérvár train line. However, major environmental protection developments, such as, the sewerage network and waste water program in Nyíregyháza, or the waste water program in Makó and its surrounding region are also awaiting approval in Brussels.

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