Hungarians Save Up and Invest Instead of Borrowing

The present economic situation has not brought about changes in people’s use of financial products.

The indexes showing bank clients’ use of financial products indicate slight changes compared to the data from previous years. A more significant change has taken place in the planned use of financial products in the last year, but not in the use of financial products – this is what the latest study of GfK Hungária Market Research Institute has found. The study was entitled Financial Market Data Service.  People prefer to save and invest rather than borrow in the present economic situation.
The use of financial products certainly gives a fairly static picture, since borrowing is usually not a short-term process, investments are not easy to transfer, neither it is to close an account. As a result, a significant proportion of the population practically has not responded to the economic crisis in their use of financial products, they continue to manage their financial matters the way they used to.

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