BILK Completes HUF 2 Billion Warehouse

A HUF 2 billion, 15,000-square-meter warehouse has been completed at the Budapest Intermodal Logistics Center (BILK), BILK CEO Miklos Marjan said on July 30.

The project was awarded HUF 473 million in EU funding and HUF 387 million from the state. The rest of the cost was covered by a loan from the state-owned Hungarian Development Bank (MFB) and BILK's own resources. The entire warehouse has been rented out. The new warehouse will boost BILK's annual revenue by HUF 250 million from HUF 4 billion in 2008. The investment will bring total warehouse space at BILK to 100,000 tons.
BILK has so far built 112,000 square meters of warehouse space worth some HUF 15 billion. The entire base is expected to cost a combined HUF 40 billion to build.

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