Environmentally Friendly Energy Development with the Help of EU Funding

The National Development Agency promises expedient and automatic assessment also in the case of EU tenders supporting the enhanced use of renewable energy sources, hence further simplifying tasks for applicants.

The new call for applications announced within the framework of the Environment and Energy Operational Programme is aimed at supporting equipment procurements and the introduction of technologies using renewable energy sources in the case of SMEs and budgetary bodies by allocating a 6 billion HUF framework for this purpose.
In the framework of alternative and environment friendly energy production co-generation power-plant operator Greenergy is spending EUR 20 million on acquisitions and developments in 2009. The company, of which the biggest shares are owned by the Washington-located Global Environment Fund, has extended power-generation capacity by 13 MW and intends to increase its investment up to EUR 80 million in the followin 24–36 months. The initial financial background will be provided by the owners (EUR 23.5 million) and by the Hungarian Trade Bank (EUR 44.5 million).

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