The Trade Balance Improved by HUF 150 Billion and Showed a Surplus of HUF 124 Billion

In October 2009, according to first estimates, exports amounted to HUF 1,535 billion (EUR 5,705 million), while the value of imports reached HUF 1,412 billion (EUR 5,241 million).

The Euro value of exports fell by 12 pct and that of imports fell by 21 pct over the equivalent month of the preceding year. In October, the trade balance showed a surplus of HUF 124 billion (EUR 464 million), the balance improved by HUF 150 billion (EUR 608 million) compared to the same month of 2008.
The share of the European Union Member States was 81 pct in exports and 69 pct in imports.

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