Graboplast Files Patent for Super Massive PVC Flooring Developed with Nanotechnology

Floorcovering Manufacturers Ltd, Graboplast has filed a patent for its nanotechnological procedure, which allows for the production of scratch- and dirt-free PVC flooring, used in public buildings, such as hospitals, stadiums and metro stations.

Adding aggregates to it, PVC gains new properties, said Péter Jancsó, president-CEO of the company at a press conference, which he also demonstrated to journalists with a test. The surface does not show any burns after cigarette butts are dropped on it, and can be cleaned very easily. Graboplast spent HUF 110 million on the technology and the production lines in its Győr factory. So far Graboplast has mainly exported to European and former Soviet states; however its new export targets are Russia, India, China and Egypt. Jancsó said that by 2012 the new PVC flooring will make up 75 pct of its production. So far they have sold 100 000 square meters from the new surface, in Sao Paolo, Brazil 3 stadiums’ flooring is covered by their innovative product. According to preliminary data, Graboplast’s revenues last year was 15 pct less than a year ago, when it was HUF 19 billion, but they ended the year with a profit.

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