The Esztergom Plant Will Begin Manufacturing of Sixth-Generation Suzuki Swift

Magyar Suzuki, the Hungarian unit of Japan's Suzuki Motor Corporation, will begin manufacturing sixth-generation Suzuki Swifts at the company's plant in Esztergom following the annual summer production shutdown.

The sixth-generation Swift will be more energy efficient and will have a new design. Suzuki will introduce the new series at the Paris Motor Show in September.
Magyar Suzuki at the Esztergom plant manufactured nearly 60,000 Opel Agilas last year, but this production will be transferred back to Germany.
The hundred-year-old Suzuki last year made a strategic alliance and exchanged shares with Volkswagen, the biggest German automotive concern. Hisashi Takeucsi, CEO said at his regular annual speech that Suzuki will not be the 11th brand of the German concern, but will play an important role in making the German company world number one in the industry.

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