Flood Protection Developments along River Dráva from EU Funding

The assistance contract of the project bearing the title "Drávaszabolcs-Kémes Flood Area" was signed on 22 March.

The South-Transdanubian Environmental Protection and Water Authority is reinforcing and raising the level of embankments on the left bank of the River Dráva along a 20-kilometer stretch in the Drávaszabolcs area. The Environment and Energy Operational Program (EEOP) is financing this project implemented from EU funding amounting to HUF 3.2 billion, the assistance contract of which has just been signed in Pécs. This investment affects 12 disadvantaged settlements in the Siklós micro-region, as an outcome of which some 4,000 residents will be better protected against future flooding.
Some HUF 150 billion has been made available under the New Hungary Development Plan for developing flood protection, which is many times more than what Hungary could allocate for this purpose over the past few years.

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