Balatontourist Plans Developments at Nudist Beach and Camp Site

Balatontourist, the new operator of the nudist beach and camp site at Balatonberény on the southern shore of Lake Balaton, is planning developments for the holiday season; interest in the nudist camp site has again risen since last year.

Balatonberény was Central Europe's largest nudist center in the 1990s, but the beach and camp site have become run down, losing their leading role in the region.
Balatonberény mayor László Horváth said the municipality has rented out the 5.5 hectare beach and camp site for a ten-year period to Balatontourist, a member of the SCD Group, as the local council lacks the funds necessary for the developments.
The mayor said Balatontourist pays a rent of HUF 7m (EUR 26,486) per year, several times the amount the municipality generated as profit. Balatontourist has made commitments to carrying out certain developments, of which it will be able to write off HUF 10m from the rent.
Last year, the company registered 13,500 guest nights at the camp site.

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