The Volume of Construction Activity Decreased by 10.1pct in February

In February 2010, the volume of construction activity decreased by 10.1pct according to both unadjusted indices and to those adjusted for working days, compared to February 2009.

In the first two months, output of construction went down by 11.7pct on January–February 2009. According to seasonally adjusted indices, production – after a fall of 11pct in January – was 6pct higher in February than in the previous month.
The volume of new orders in February was 38pct higher than in February 2009. Within this, new contracts for building construction grew by 15.4pct, and new orders for civil engineering works expanded by 61.1pct. These significant growths derive from the high-value contracts signed for the construction of educational and sport buildings, hotels, tram lines in provincial towns, public utilities, highway and road construction. In January–February, the volume of new orders was 29.8pct higher than one year ago.

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