Recommended read for the week: Smith, Melanie - Puczko, Laszlo: Health and Wellness Tourism.

Health and wellness tourism is a rapidly growing sector of today's thriving tourism industry. This book will examine the range of motivations that drive this diverse sector of tourists, the products that are being developed to meet their needs and the management implications of these developments. Health and Wellness Tourism looks at the motivations and profiles of the tourists for this sector and provides valuable guidance and a basis for discussion regarding the marketing, managing and operations in this sector. * Introduces the reader to this topic by looking at the history, origins and scope of this sector and how it fits with today's intenrational tourism and leisure industry. * Uses international case studies to illustrate the multiple aspects of the industry and new and emerging trends including spas, life-coaching, meditation, festivals, pilgrimage and yoga retreats. * Evaluates marketing and promotional strategies and assesses operational and management issues.!execute.action


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