Revitalisation of the Site of Former Sugar Factory in Kaba

The transformation and development of the industrial site and infrastructure of the former sugar factory in Kaba, a project costing over HUF 850 million, may commence with the help of financing from the New Hungary Development Plan.

The aim is to make this area suitable for accommodating enterprises setting up sites to function as an industrial park.
The majority of infrastructures and technological installations used in this sugar factory were sold after production was phased out. The remaining infrastructure and the central site, together with its linear and other infrastructural components, road and railway network, electricity network, internal rainwater and sewage drainage and treatment system and remaining industrial and office buildings, make it ideal for developing this site into an industrial zone.
The aim of this project to be implemented from EU funding amounting to approximately HUF 430 million. It is to make the best possible use of the infrastructure left after sugar production activities were abandoned at the factory, hence creating jobs, promoting economic development in this region.

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