Trade Balance Surplus Reaches EUR 241 Million in July

In July, the trade balance showed a surplus of EUR 241 million, meaning a deterioration of EUR 87 million on the corresponding month of 2009.

This year, according to first estimates, exports amounted to EUR 5,860 million, with the value of imports reaching EUR 5,620 million. The EUR value of exports and imports increased by 18 and 21pct respectively compared to the corresponding month of last year.
Over the course of January–July 2010, the value of exports was EUR 39,831 million, while that of imports totalled EUR 36,730 million, according to preliminary results. The trade balance showed a surplus of EUR 3,101 million, which means an improvement of EUR 1,182 million compared to last year’s surplus of EUR 1,919 million.
Figures for the EU member states showed 75pct for exports and 68pct for imports.


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