February 2009

Hungary Ad Market Expands Almost 9 Pct to HUF 599 Billion in 2008

Hungary's advertising market expanded 8.6 pct to almost HUF 599 billion in 2008, TNS Media Intelligence said on February 10.

Herend to Get HUF 200 million Job Preservation Subsidy

Herend, one of Hungary's most famous porcelain makers, will get a HUF 200 million state subsidy to help the company maintain headcount, Social and Labour Affairs Minister Erika Szucs announced on February 10th 2009.

EUR 17 million German Investment in Cegléd

Minister of National Development and Economy signed a contract with Vice President of Infenion Technologies AG on a EUR 17 million investment.

IMF Delegation in Hungary to Review Use of EUR 12.5 Billion Standby Loan

International Monetary Fund official James Morsink is leading an eight-member IMF delegation on a visit to Budapest.

Hungarian Budget Balance in Plus

Hungarian state budget in January 2009 had a positive balance with HUF 37.8 billion.

EBRD Supports Banks in Hungary

 “The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) is planning to invest in Hungarian banks.

Government Makes HUF 140 billion in Current Assets Loans Available to SMEs

Some HUF 140 billion in current asset loans will be available to SMEs with the participation of five banks, National Development and Economy Minister Gordon Bajnai said on February 9th 2009.

Magyar Telekom Announces that it Has Signed an Agreement to Buy a 100% Equity Stake in KFKI Direkt Kft.

Magyar Telekom signed a share purchase agreement to acquire 100% of KFKI Direkt Kft. on February 9th 2009.

Development Agency Calls for Tenders for HUF 36.5 Billion of Development Grants

The National Development Agency (NFU) has announced new tenders for economic development grants with a HUF 36.5 billion framework, State Secretary of the National Development and Economy Ministry Sandor Burany said on February 6.

Economists Working with Government to Start Microfinance Bank in Hungary

Hungarian economists Peter Felcsuti, Andras Polgar and Andras Ujlaky are working with government officials on a plan to start a microfinance bank in Hungary.

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