March 2009

Car Registrations Feb 2009 - Breakdown by Make and Model

Most popular make: Opel, best selling model: Opel Astra. Overall market registrations fall by 45.97 pct.

Upgrading Public Administration Services with the Help of EU Funding

The framework system standardizing electronic public administration in Hungary will be set up with the help of funding made available by the New Hungary Development Plan.

Highway 4 will be Made Safer with the Help of EU Funding

The road surface along two sections of Highway 4 will be reinforced within the framework of the New Hungary Development Plan.

Highway 85 Bypass Around Enese to Be Completed by the End of 2010

The 7-kilometer-long bypass of Highway 85 around Enese will be completed by the end of 2010, within the framework of the New Hungary Development Plan.

Budapest Hosts the European Outsourcing and Shared Service Leaders

Budapest will host the 9th Annual European Shared Service and Outsourcing Week between May 11 and 14, 2009.

European Commission Approves Hungary State Aid for Companies

The Hungarian government is supporting SMEs struggling with difficulties of the global economic crises since July 1, 2008.

Hungary to Call down Second, EUR 2 Billion Installment of EU Credit Line, by End of March

Hungary will draw the second, EUR 2 billion portion of an EU credit line by the end of March, according to an online statement by the Finance Ministry on March 13th.

HUF 1.6 billion NKTH R+D Tender to Preserve Jobs

Hungary’s National Research and Technology Office (NKTH) issued a HUF 1.6 billion tender to support R+D projects, aimed at preserving jobs.

First Site Hotel and Business Complex to Launch in May

Munich-based property developer TerraConsult is soon to finish the EUR 35 million development of the First Site Hotel and Business Complex, on the plot of the former “Úttörő” (Pioneer) department store, in District 5 Budapest.

New Destinations and More Frequent Flights in Malév’s Summer Schedule

Malév will add three new cities and increase the number of flights to popular destinations as of March 29th, according to the national carrier’s summer timetable.

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