March 2009

Government to Save Steelmaker Dunaferr

The government commissioned the Hungarian Development Bank (MFB) and the Minister of National Development and Economy to draft a rescue package for troubled steel maker Dunaferr.

Ministry to Invite Tenders for HUF 613.6bn in Environmental Grants in 2009-2010

Environment Ministry state secretary, Mr. Lajos Olah announced a HUF 613.6bn package for environmental projects.

Recultivation of Solid Waste Dump Sites

The recultivation of closed municipal dump sites in over 40 town and villages around Győr, northwest Hungary, will start in the near future.

Number of International Conferences, Events in Hungary Grew 10 pct in 2008

The number of international conferences and exhibitions organized in Hungary grew 10 pct to 588, in 2008, year-on-year.

Szekesfehervar Signs for Support for HUF 8.5 Billion Sewerage

The City of Szekesfehervar, on March 12th, sealed HUF 7.4 billion in EU and state funding to back an HUF 8.5 billion sewage network development project in three neighboring towns.

MNB Starts Converting EU Funds on the Forex Market

The MNB will convert this amount on the interbank foreign exchange market in a discretionary manner, during the year, as regular OTC transactions.

Renewal of Esterházy-Mansion in Fertőd About to Begin

The first development phase of the Esterháza, Central European Cultural Centre will be implemented from EU funding of over HUF 1.3 billion in value.

R+D Mediator Wins HUF 1 Billion Grant

A joint venture of the Szeged University of Sciences and the Hungarian Academy of Sciences won a HUF 1 billion research grant from the EU’s Economic Development Operative Program.

PM Says More Decisive, Deeper Changes Needed Than in the Government’s Plan

There is a possibility for more vital, deeper changes than those announced by the government two weeks earlier.

HUF 900 Million State-Funded Transportation Project to Kick Off in Győr

A HUF 900 million complex transportation development project was launched in Győr, northwest Hungary.

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