April 2009

Three More Major Projects Approved by Brussels

The European Commission has approved a further three major projects, namely, the development of the tramway network in Szeged, recultivation of landfills in the Central Danubian region and the development of the sewerage network and sewage treatment in Békéscsaba.


Construction Works Start at Budapest Airport

Budapest Airport (BA) begins demolition and construction works on the new Terminal 2 building at Ferihegy Airport called the SkyCourt at the end of April. During the construction period, the arrivals level of the terminal will be closed to vehicle traffic.


Dentist's Offices Form Association to Better Promote Dental Tourism

Budapest's five biggest dentist's offices have established an association to better promote dental tourism, business daily Vilaggazdasag reported on April 10.


Competition Office Approves Acquisition by Bridge Builder

Hungary's Competition Office (GVH) on April 8 said it approved the acquisition by bridge builder Hidtechnika, Hidepito, Karbantarto and Szigetelo of a controlling stake in Adeptus Engineering, Construction and Trade.


Number Of Landline Subscriptions Continues to Fall in February

The number of landline telephone connections in Hungary fell 11,700 to 3,121,000 in February from January, the National Telecommunications Authority (NHH) said on April 7.



The Monetary Council’s Statement on Financial Stability

Hungary could not remain unaffected by the negative influences of the global economic crisis, due to the high degree of openness and deep financial and trade integration of the economy.


Joint Programs for the Development of Financial Culture


With the aim of developing financial culture, the Hungarian Competition Authority (GVH), the National Bank of Hungary (MNB) and the Hungarian Financial Supervisory Authority (PSZÁF) have signed a cooperation agreement for an indefinite term.



Socialists, liberals support Bajnai to succeed Gyurcsany as prime minister

The Hungarian Socialist Party and the liberal Alliance of Free Democrats have supported current Economy Minister Gordon Bajnai's candidacy to replace Ferenc Gyurcsany as prime minister.

External Balance Improvement under External Pressure

The global economic crisis pushed the Hungarian economy onto a new development path.

Guntner-Tata Expansion

Tatabanya- located (West Hungary) Hungarian unit of Guntner AG & Co. KG, Guntner-Tata has inaugurated a new plant.

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