May 2009

Arena Corner at the Centre of "Bank Expansion"

Arena Corner Building, owned by the Endurance Fund and managed by Orco Property Group, announced on May 6 that it will add another financial service provider, Allianz Bank, to the list of banking occupiers already present in the building.

The HNTO Has Launched the Hebrew Version of its Website

The Hungarian National Tourist Office (HNTO) has launched the Hebrew version of its website, which can be seen at and

Parliament Approves Bajnai Government Pension Changes

Hungary's Parliament on May 11 approved pension changes proposed by the Bajnai government that replace annual bonuses with a premium linked to economic growth.

LEGAL BRIEF: Changes in the Social Security System

PriceWaterhouseCoopers newsletter reports on the decision of Hungarian lawmakers.


„Gordon Bajnai's limited political ambitions will help him focus on fixing his country's ailing economy‎” – says the lead of on t he new economic governance.

GKI: Recessionary Trends Will Continue to Deepen in Hungary

According to the forecast of GKI Economic Research Co., prepared in co-operation with Erste Bank, recessionary trends that started in autumn 2008 will continue at the same rate or even deepen, although the great global pessimism and market panic of the past weeks have eased.  

Hungary Investment Fund Assets Slip Half a Percent in April - BAMOSZ

Assets in Hungarian investment funds fell about 0.5 pct to HUF 2,479 billion in April, the Association of Hungarian Investment Fund and Asset Management Companies (BAMOSZ) said on May 11.

Richter Increased Its Profit in Q1

Gedeon Richter Plc Sales amounted to HUF 61,338 million (EUR 206.7 million) in the three months to March 2009, a 7.6  pct increase (in Euro terms 6.0  pct decline) when compared with the same period of 2008.

Monetary Council Agreed To Adopt a Wait-And-See Strategy

The Monetary Council agreed that the risks of financial stability and the financing problems facing Hungary required a cautious, wait-and-see monetary policy approach.

The Number of Both International and Domestic Guests Were Lower in January-March

According to the Central Statistical Office (KSH) in January-March 2009, in public accommodation establishments, the number of both international and domestic guests was lower – by 19 and 11 pct, respectively – than those recorded a year earlier.

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