June 2010

GDP is Expected to Grow by 1.5 pct, Says Kopint-Tarki

Kopint-Tarki, a leading thinktank in Hungary has revised its previous forecast about the central budget deficit and GDP.

A Five-Star Airline is Now Coming to Budapest Airport

The renowned five-star airline will fly four times a week between Budapest and Doha, the capital of Qatar, from January 2011.

GKI’s Economic Sentiment Index Continued its Rise in June

According to a survey conducted by GKI Economic Research Co. with the support of the European Union, this is the result of a significant increase in the consumer confidence index.


International news sources report on Hungarian business and economy.


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Important updates on Hungarian legal issues, changes and legislation.

Government to Use Rest Of IMF Support Package for Troubled Borrowers

The government will start talks with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) this week.

OTP Bank Injects EUR 35 Million into Unit in Montenegro

OTP Bank on June 28 said it decided on a EUR 35 million capital raise at its CKB unit in Montenegro.

Volume of Retail Sales Decreased 4.7pct in First Four Months

The lasting decrease in the consumption expenditures of households is well reflected by how the volume of retail trade changes, too.

Wizz Air Continues to Expand in Budapest – Over 20pct Growth in 2010

Wizz Air, the largest low-fare, low-cost airline in Central and Eastern Europe announced that it would launch new routes and increase frequencies of a number of existing services.

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