Sports and Leisure

Bath and Wellness

Budapest is often referred to as the "City of Spas". Below you may find a list of the most famous of the traditional spas.

Kids Program

Budapest offers a variety of entertainment for children, from sports and leisure activities to puppet shows and exploring dripstone caves.


Hungary offers excitement as well! Explore the numerous opportunities for extreme sports and adventure.

Ball Games

Tennis and squash are both popular sports in Hungary, thus we provide a list of courts so You may choose the nearest and most convenient to your location.

Fitness and Gym

The following list will assist You in finding a gym and fitness/wellness centre close to your location. 


Vast fields of green and high quality service awaits those eager golf players who visit one of the many Golf clubs and fields.


Hungary's history of hunting stretches back to the time of the Roman Empire, where the Province of Pannonia was a rich source of food.


Hungary is rich in lakes, rivers and ponds and is often referred to as "carp-land" by visiting fishermen. However, other popular species such as catfish, pike and bream can also be found in large numbers, and at places, sterlets and eels as well.


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