Analysis and Statistics

On Balance, Households were Net Repayers in April

In April 2010, forint borrowing by households exceeded repayments (i.e. the sector was a net borrower, while repayments in foreign currency exceeded borrowing, or in other words, the sector was a net repayer).

Industrial Producer Prices 1.6 pct Higher than Previous Month

Industrial producer prices, involving both domestic and export sales prices were 1.6 pct higher than in the previous month and 0.1 pct lower than a year before.

Volume of Investments 6.4 pct Lower

In the first quarter of 2010, the volume of investments in the national economy was 6.4 pct lower than in the same period of 2009.

February–April Unemployment Rate at 11.8 pct

In the period of February–April 2010, the unemployment rate was 11.8 pct, which was higher by 1.9 percentage points on last year.

Hungarian Investment Funds Draw Fresh Capital of HUF 57 Billion in April

Hungarian investment funds continued the positive trend seen in the past six months, drawing fresh capital of HUF 57 billion (EUR 202.15 million) in April.

MOL Group’s EBITDA Increased by 30pct in Q1 2010

MOL Group’s EBITDA, excluding special items, increased by 30pct to HUF 130.4 billion in Q1 2010 compared to Q4 2009.

Real Earnings Grew by 5.6pct

Real earnings grew by 5.6pct compared to January–March 2009, paralleled by a 6.0pct increase of the consumer price index.

Hungarian Economic Sentiment Rises to Four-Year High

In a survey conducted by the GKI thinktank (with EU funding), the combined business and consumer confidence indices rose to -14 points in May from -17.2 points in April.

Shared Service Centers Continue Growth in Hungary

PricewaterhouseCoopers conducted the first comprehensive survey on the SSC industry in Hungary, finding that Hungary’s shared services industry has grown into one of the country’s largest employers with 30,000 jobs.

Manufacturing Sector Outlook Improves, Says Kopint-Tárki

Manufacturing companies report that their present situation may be bad, but the outlook is improving, according to the latest gauge of sentiment in the sector by think tank Kopint-Tarki.

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