Analysis and Statistics

Industrial Gross Output Increases by 8.4pct

In February 2010, industrial gross output increased by 8.4pct compared to February 2009; the index adjusted for working days was equal to the non-adjusted.

Consumer Prices Increased by 5.9pct in March

In the first three months of 2010, the average increase of prices was 6.0pct compared to the corresponding period of 2009.

Economic Researchers Forecast Moderate GDP Growth for 2010

Economic research institutes forecast GDP growth of between 0pct and 0.8pct for 2010, and between 3pct and 3.1pct for next year. Inflation is predicted to be between 4.2 and 4.4pct this year, and 2.6–3.2pc in 2011.    

Temic Telefunken to Receive State Support for HUF 7 Billion Investment Project

The Hungarian government will give a yet unspecified amount of support for a HUF 7 billion investment by Temic Telefunken Microelectronic Hungary.

Mixed Forecast from GKI Think Tank, the GDP Will Stagnate This Year

GKI head András Vértes said Hungary's fiscal position is excellent compared to its peers in Europe.

Industrial producer prices were 0.9 pct higher than in the previous month

Industrial producer prices involving both domestic and export sales prices were 0.9 pct higher than in the previous month and 2.8 pct lower than a year before.

The Unemployment Rate Reached Its 16-year Peak at 11.4 Pct

In the period of December 2009–February 2010, the unemployment rate was 11.4 pct, the number of employed people aged 15–74 was 3,726 thousand, the number of unemployed persons was 479 thousand.

The GKI’s Economic Sentiment Index Got Close to September 2008

In March, GKI's economic sentiment index got close to the level of the last calm month before the crisis (September 2008), whereas its consumers' confidence index managed to surpass it.

Real Earnings Grew by 6.1 Pct Compared to January 2009

Real earnings grew by 6.1 pct compared to January 2009, paralleled by a 6.4 pct increase of the consumer price index.

Construction Industry Activity Shrank by 13.5 Pct in January

In January 2010, the volume of construction activity decreased by 13.5pct according to unadjusted indices as well as indices adjusted for working days on January 2009.

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