International news sources report on Hungarian business and economy.

The Trade Balance Showed a Surplus of EUR 2,245 Million in January–May

The trade balance showed a surplus of EUR 2,245 million (HUF 605 billion), which is higher by EUR 844 million (HUF 186 billion) than one year earlier.

In the First Half of 2010, 9,000 Dwellings Received Occupancy Permits

In the first half of 2010, 9,000 dwellings received occupancy permits and 10,000 new building permits were issued.

The Industrial Producer Prices Were 1.4 Pct Higher in June

In June, industrial producer prices were 1.4 pct higher than in the previous month and 6.9 pct higher than a year before.


International news sources report on Hungarian business and economy.

The Volume Of Retail Sales Decreases By 4.7pct in the First Five Months

The volume of retail sales – based on calendar-adjusted data – decreased by 4.7pct both in the first five months of 2010 and in May compared to the same period of the previous year.

GKI: Improving Business And Deteriorating Consumer Expectations

In July, GKI's economic sentiment index (adjusted for seasonal effects) remained unchanged.

Parliament Approves Bank Levy

Late on July 22, parliament approved a three-year bank levy which is to generate budget revenues of HUF 200 billion in 2010, including some HUF 13 billion in revenue from extraordinary bank taxes already in place.

PM Orban and Econ Min Matolcsy on Negotiations with IMF

Prime Minister Viktor Orban has stressed the improtance of a pan-European agreement to stengthen the fiscal stability of the 27 nations.

Jato: New Car Market Down 28.0pct In June

According to Jato Dynamics, Hungarian new car sales have fallen again in June (down 28pct on June 2009) dragging down the overall year-to-date figure.

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