Manufacturing Sector Outlook Improves, Says Kopint-Tárki

Manufacturing companies report that their present situation may be bad, but the outlook is improving, according to the latest gauge of sentiment in the sector by think tank Kopint-Tarki.

Hungary to Join ERM-II in 2 years, says City

Hungary may join the ERM-II exchange rate system in two years' time, London-based analysts of emerging markets said on Monday.


International news sources report on business in Hungary.

Recession Comes to an End in Hungary

Hungary’s GDP increased by 0.1pct in the first quarter of 2010.

General Government Gross Debt 79.6pct of GDP; Net Borrowing at 4.4pct

According to preliminary financial accounts data, general government net borrowing was equal to 4.4pct of Hungary’s GDP in the year to 2010 Q1.

Industrial Gross Output Increased by 2.8pct in March

According to preliminary data in March 2010, industrial gross output increased by 2.8pct compared to March 2009; the index adjusted by working days was equal to the non-adjusted one.

Producer Price Level of Agricultural Products Decreases by 4.1pct

In March 2010, the producer price level of agricultural products decreased by 4.1pct on the corresponding period of the previous year.

Consumer Prices Increased 5.7pct in April

In April 2010 consumer prices increased by 0.5pct on the previous month.

In March, the Trade Balance Showed a Surplus of EUR 653 Million

In March, the trade balance showed a surplus of EUR 653 million (HUF 172 billion); the balance improved by EUR 167 million (HUF 25 billion) compared to the same month of 2009.

Richter Group’s Sales Amounted to HUF 63,451 Million in the three Months to March 2010

Richter Group’s sales amounted to HUF 63,451 million (EUR 236.4 million) in the three months leading to March 2010.

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