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For this week, we recommend the following read.

’Start-up‘ Roma Trainee Scholarship in Budapest

The ‘Start-up’ Roma Trainee Scholarship program in Budapest was set up to help launch the careers of young educated Roma individuals.

Activity Workshop Offering Assistance for Severely Disabled Young People

The activity workshop offering assistance for severely multiply disabled young people was set up with the help of EU funding.

Incubation Center of Creative Industrial Sectors Opened at University of Debrecen

The incubation center of creative industrial sectors was set up with the help of EU funding amounting to nearly HUF 400 million at the University of Debrecen.

Ministry of Culture Endorses Web Royalty Fee Regulations

Artisjus, the Bureau for the Protection of Authors Rights has presented a press release about music and film rights used in different environment.

Up to December 215 Schools Renewal Projects Have Already Begun

Up to December 2009, final decisions on funding were made in the case of more than 330 school renewal projects in seven development regions, under the National School Renewal Program.

EU Funding for Hungarian Primary School Renovation

EU funding amounting to HUF 105 billion is available within the New Hungary Development Plan (NHDP) School Renewal Program up to 2011. This funding enables the implementation of 365 projects.

University in Veszprem to Implement HUF 3 Billion Development

Pannon University in Veszprém has received a HUF 4 billion for research and development projects.

Electronic Administration Knowledge Portal with the Help of the EU Funding

The creation of the Electronic Administration Knowledge Portal has commenced – announced Mr. Gábor Bodi, State Secretary for ICT and e-Government of the Prime Minister’s Office on August 12.

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