Dunamenti Power Plant Carries Out EUR 220 million in Investments

The Dunamaneti Power Plant said on June 4 that it is undertaking EUR 220 million in investments to boost efficiency In April, the trade balance showed a surplus of 125 billion Ft (EUR 430 million).

Hungarian PM Chose Shell Executive for Minister of Economy

Mr István Varga, 52, former executive of the Hungarian unit of Royal Dutch Shell is chosen as candidate by PM Gordon Bajnai for minister for national development and economy.

Hungary for ESS

“We have a high level of cooperation in the European synchrotron research program, where Hungarians, Czechs and Slovaks work very close in a consortium” – says Professor József Pálinkás.

Recultivation of Solid Waste Dump Sites

The recultivation of closed municipal dump sites in over 40 town and villages around Győr, northwest Hungary, will start in the near future.

FE-Group Introduces HUF 400 Million Optical Plastic Waste Sorter

FE-Group Invest on March 3 introduced a HUF 400 million optical plastic waste sorter to its Budapest production unit.

American Investor Offers to Inject USD 42 Million into Genesis Energy Spain Unit

Genesis Energy, a Hungarian company that is building solar panel plants in Hungary, Spain and Singapore, on February 19, 2008, said it had received a letter of intent from an American investor on injecting USD 42 million into its unit in Spain.

MOL, Croatian Government Sign Contract on INA Gas Division Sale

Hungarian oil and gas company MOL and the government of Croatia signed a contract on the separation and sale of INA's gas business.

Prague Energy Exchange to Sell Hungarian Electricity Futures from Next Year

The Prague Energy Exchange (PXE) will start trading Hungarian electricity from March 1, 2009 on its futures market, PXE Exchange Chamber Chairman announced on December 15, 2008.


MOL to Lower Wholesale Diesel, Petrol Prices

Hungarian oil and gas company MOL will lower its wholesale diesel and 95-octane petrol prices by HUF 6 and HUF 8 per liter, respectively, from November 26th 2008.


ELMU, EMASZ Inaugurate HUF 2.4 Billion Power Service Station

Electricity distributors, majority-owned by Germany's RWE-EnBW, inaugurated a power service station in Gyongyos.


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