Mixed Forecast from GKI Think Tank, the GDP Will Stagnate This Year

GKI head András Vértes said Hungary's fiscal position is excellent compared to its peers in Europe.

Government Approves Further 39 Priority Projects

Transport, tourism, environment development, healthcare and urban rehabilitation investments have all been included in the development package worth a total of HUF 51.3 billion.

Flood Protection Developments along River Dráva from EU Funding

The assistance contract of the project bearing the title "Drávaszabolcs-Kémes Flood Area" was signed on 22 March.

Gov't, PM Pass Resolutions for First Phase of EU Super Laser Project

The government and the prime minister have both passed a resolution on the measures and tasks necessary to implement of phase one of the European Union's Extreme Light Infrastructure (ELI).


International news sources report on government elections and EU funding in Hungary.

Micro-Regional Education Network to be Developed by Investing HUF 730 million

The Zomba micro-regional education network will be developed within the framework of the New Hungary Development Plan National School Renewal Program by investing funding of approximately HUF 730 million.

Work Commences on HUF 3.6 Billion Spa Development in SE Hungary

The cornerstone of a HUF 3.6 billion spa development in Mako (SouthEast Hungary) was laid on Friday.

Hungary's Next Government to Apply for Extension of Moratorium on Farmland Purchases by Foreigners

Hungary's next government will apply to the European Union for an extension of the moratorium on purchases of farmland by foreigners.

HUF 520 Million for Developing Emergency Care Services in Nagykanizsa

The development of emergency care services at Dorottya Hospital in Nagykanizsa will be implemented under the New Hungary Development Plan from over HUF 520 million.

Activity Workshop Offering Assistance for Severely Disabled Young People

The activity workshop offering assistance for severely multiply disabled young people was set up with the help of EU funding.

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