Human Infrastructure Developments in the Middle Transdanubian Region

Having just signed a series of assistance contracts under the New Hungary Development Plan, further human infrastructure developments can get underway in Veszprém County with the help of EU funding.

Incubation Center of Creative Industrial Sectors Opened at University of Debrecen

The incubation center of creative industrial sectors was set up with the help of EU funding amounting to nearly HUF 400 million at the University of Debrecen.

Construction of Another Micro-Regional Outpatient Healthcare Center to Commence

A total of HUF 481 billion has been earmarked under the New Hungary Development Plan for healthcare developments over the 2007–2013 period.

IMF-EU Delegation Praises Hungary but Calls for Further Measures

Hungary's government has taken sufficient measures to stabilize the economy.

Érd-Erzsébet Drainage Network to be Developed from a HUF 663 Million Investment

The Érd-Erzsébet rainwater drainage system will be completed by the end of summer by investing over HUF 663 million.

Heavy Vehicles to Bypass Hosszúhetény From Now on

The approximately 3 kilometer-long section of Road 6541 bypassing the settlement of Hosszúhetény has just been completed.

Merrill Lynch: Hungary Could Enter ERM-II in 2011

ML-BofA believes that Hungary could be the pack leader in the group of Poland, The Czech Republic and Romania to enter ERM-II exchange rate mechanism, and finally introduce the euro in 2014.

Green Revolution in the Construction-Industry

Masterplast, one of the biggest construction material industrial producer and distributor announced its five-year strategic plan, whereby it increases frontage thermo-insulation from its current 40 pct to 48 pct within its full product range.

Think-Tank GKI’s Boom-Index Signals Optimism for Businesses

Expectations of huge industrial producers are much less pessimistic than a year ago, according to GKI’s boom index of January.

Billions of EU Funding for Healthcare Development – Assistance Contract of the Integrated Hospital in Szeged Signed

Altogether 8 hospitals will be developed with the help of funding amounting to more than HUF 80 billion, made available under the New Hungary Development Plan.

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