Important Regional Roads Renewed in Northern Part of Borsod County

The residents of 9 small settlements are the direct beneficiaries of the investment implemented with the help of EU funding amounting to HUF 1 billion.

Rehabilitation and Spa Hospital in Harkány Renewed

Two hospital buildings were fully renewed and their equipment replaced by using funding amounting to HUF 733 million, of which nearly HUF 129 million was covered by EU funding.

EU Funding for Hungarian Primary School Renovation

EU funding amounting to HUF 105 billion is available within the New Hungary Development Plan (NHDP) School Renewal Program up to 2011. This funding enables the implementation of 365 projects.

Investment Worth HUF 1 Billion at the Sewage Treatment Plant in Dunakeszi

Mr Imre Szabó, Minister of Environment and Water laid the foundation stone of the investment to be implemented at the sewage treatment plant in Dunakeszi with the help of funding amounting to nearly HUF 1.1 billion.

PM Inaugurates HUF 62 Million New Town Center in Zahony

Prime Minister Gordon Bajnai inaugurated the newly renovated town center in Zahony.

The Trade Balance Showed a Surplus of HUF 131 Billion

In September, the trade balance showed a surplus of HUF 131 billion (EUR 486 million), the balance improved by HUF 106 billion (EUR 391 million) compared to the same month of 2008.

Recreation Area Building at The Thermal Spa Complex in Bükk Developed from EU funding

The Thermal Spa Complex in Bükk is implementing a 3-phase development program between 2008 and 2010.

Another Major Project Approved by Brussels

National Development Agency (NDA) received approval from Brussels on November 3 for a major project called ”Development of the sewerage system and waste water treatment system in Makó and its surrounding region”.

New Wing of the Healthcare Center in Érd to be Completed Soon

A micro-regional outpatient healthcare center providing special medical services is being developed in Érd with the help of EU funding amounting to over HUF 1.3 billion.

EU Funding Amounting to Over HUF 13 Billion for Hungary-Serbia Cooperation

The Hungary-Serbia IPA Cross-border Cooperation Program helps strengthen cross-border contacts between Hungary and Serbia during the 2007–2013-period.

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