Turkish Food Industry Investment in Mako

Turkish-owned Duna Doner Kft started the production of doner and gyros in Mako, SE Hungary.

GYSEV to Develop the Railway Network With the Help of Nearly HUF 50 billion

Pursuant to the decision made by the European Commission, the development aimed at upgrading and modernizing the Sopron–Szombathely–Szentgotthárd railway line and expected to be completed by 2011 can now be launched at full speed.

Low Deficit Will Make Hungary Less Vulnerable, Says PM

Hungary must keep its budget deficit down to make the country less vulnerable to movements on global debt markets, Prime Minister Gordon Bajnai said at a meeting of the Economic and Social Council in Parliament on September 11.

Kecskemét County Hospital to Be Converted into a Clinic Centre

Altogether 8 priority hospitals will be developed with the help of funding amounting to over 80 billion HUF provided by the New Hungary Development Plan.

IMF Mission to Hungary Reaches Staff-Level Agreement on Third Review

The IMF reached staff-level agreement to extend the SBA by six months (until October 5, 2010) to cover the election period and the transition to a new government.

Environmentally Friendly Energy Development with the Help of EU Funding

The National Development Agency promises expedient and automatic assessment also in the case of EU tenders supporting the enhanced use of renewable energy sources, hence further simplifying tasks for applicants.

Reallocation of Funds Approved by Brussels

The Economic Development Operational Programme is one of the big winners of this reallocation procedure, the framework of which OP increased by HUF 111 billion HUF.

HUF 500 Million Phylazonit Bacteria Fertilizer Plant Inaugurated

Agrova Bio, Phylazonit and Szuro Trade inaugurated a HUF 500 million Phylazonit bacteria fertilizer plant in Beszterec (NE Hungary) on August 25.

EU Supports M3 Motorway construction

Drawing the highest possible ratio of EU funds is essential for implementing as many investments as possible in Hungary.

HUF 300 Billion Available For Tourism Developments In 2007-2013

There is some HUF 300 billion available for tourism developments in the 2007–2013 according to the New Hungary Development Plan.

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