Becton Dickinson Syringe Plant Start Operations in January 2010

American Becton Dickinson starts to produce disposable syringes in Tatabanya, West Hungary in 2010.

ITD Hungary Brings 14 Projects in 9-Month Time

A total of 14 FDI projects nurtured by the Hungarian Investment and Trade Development Agency (ITD Hungary) may reach the value of EUR 300 million and offer up to 6,000 new jobs.

FAZ Says Magna Might Move to Hungary

Frankfurte Algemeine Zeitung believes that the Canadian-Austrian Magna taking over the management of Opel would like to move the motor and gear system production to Szenttgothard, Hungary.

NuovaEnergia to Build a HUF 500 Million Logistics Center in Hungary

Hungarian-Italian NuovaEnergia plans to build a HUF 500 million (EUR 1.86 million) logistics center in Hungary.

Korean Company Seeks Site in Hungary for EUR 15 million LCD Display Plant

Korea's NexDisplay is looking for a site in Zala County, Hungary, to build a EUR 15  million LCD display plant, local daily Zalai Hirlap reported on August 11.

IT Services Hungary Opens HUF 4 Billion Office Complex in Hungary

IT Services Hungary, the Hungarian unit of German information and communications technology company T-Systems, inaugurated a HUF 4 billion (EUR 15.03 million) service center in Debrecen (East-Hungary) on Tuesday, July 28.

Bosal is to Expand its Hungarian Plant

International automotive group, Bosal, operating in Kecskemét (central Hungary) since 2004, has decided to expand its plant further.

ITD Hungary Named Best Investment Agency in Region by Site Selection

ITD Hungary was at the top of a ranking of national investment agencies based on projects per capita

Drugmaker Egis to Launch New R&D Hub in Budapest

Hungarian pharmaceutical Egis is about to set up a new research and development center in Budapest

AMRI Opens Research Centre in Hungary

US pharmaceutical company AMRI opened its research center in Budapest on June 24, the company announced.
The center reportedly cost several million USD.

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