Synergon’s Operating H1 Profit Was HUF 97 Million

The Synergon Group reached  sales revenue of HUF 8,139 million in H1 2010. The 6 pct deficit of Q1 was decreased during Q2.

Magyar Telekom: Strong Cash Flow Despite Continued Top Line Pressure

Revenues were down by 7.1 pct to HUF 297.8 billion in the first six months of 2010 compared with the same period in 2009.

Hungary Is Second Globally and First in Europe in Terms of Value for Money

According to the largest Swedish daily paper, Aftonbladet, Hungary offers excellent value for money.


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Financial Authority on Foreign Currency-denominated Loans

The Hungarian Financial Supervisory Authority (PSZÁF) suggests that banks should use either their own official middle rate or the one of the Central Bank when calculating the monthly reimbursement of debtors.

In June 2010 Forint Borrowing by Households Exceeded Repayments

As in the previous month, in June 2010, forint borrowing by households exceeded repayments, i.e. the sector was a net borrower, while repayments in foreign currency exceeded borrowing, i.e. the sector was a net repayer.

PM Confirms 2011 Introduction of Single-rate Income Tax

From January 2011, Hungary will gradually introduce a single-rate personal income tax – Hungary’s PM Viktor Orban said in a TV interview on Monday.

Parliament Approves Bank Levy

Late on July 22, parliament approved a three-year bank levy which is to generate budget revenues of HUF 200 billion in 2010, including some HUF 13 billion in revenue from extraordinary bank taxes already in place.

PM Orban and Econ Min Matolcsy on Negotiations with IMF

Prime Minister Viktor Orban has stressed the improtance of a pan-European agreement to stengthen the fiscal stability of the 27 nations.


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