The Monetary Council Left the Central Bank Base Rate Unchanged

At its meeting on 19 July 2010, the Monetary Council reviewed the latest economic and financial developments and voted to leave the central bank base rate unchanged at 5.25 pct.

Zwack Pays More Than Two Billion in Dividends

Zwack Unicum Nyrt announced on July 13, that the AGM had approved the proposal of the Board of Directors on the allocation of profits.

Think tank Tank Says GDP Will Grow by 1 pctPct

According to the forecast of GKI Economic Research Co. prepared in co-operation with Erste Bank, the output of exporting and service industries will expand most in 2010.

The Deficit Of Theof the General Government Sector Has Decreased by 0.8 pctPct

According to preliminary data the deficit of the general government sector in the first quarterquarter of 2010 amounted to HUF 259 billion, 4.0 pct of GDP.

Debate on Hungarian ’Bank Tax’, Pros and Cons

"The special tax to be levied on domestic financial institutions, at the extent planned by the government, can reduce the domestic banking system's ability to attract capital and lend.

The Trade Balance Showed a Surplus of HUF 485 Billion in January-–April

Over the course of January–April 2010, the volume of exports and imports increased by 16 and 14 pct, respectively.

Households Were Net Repayers Of of Debt In May

In May 2010, forint borrowing by households exceeded repayments, i.e. the sector was a net borrower, while repayments in foreign currency exceeded borrowing, i.e. the sector was a net repayer.

GDP is Expected to Grow by 1.5 pct, Says Kopint-Tarki

Kopint-Tarki, a leading thinktank in Hungary has revised its previous forecast about the central budget deficit and GDP.

GKI’s Economic Sentiment Index Continued its Rise in June

According to a survey conducted by GKI Economic Research Co. with the support of the European Union, this is the result of a significant increase in the consumer confidence index.

Government to Use Rest Of IMF Support Package for Troubled Borrowers

The government will start talks with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) this week.

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