Colliers: 2010 - What Are We Waiting for?

In 2009 Colliers International recorded 17 transactions across all sectors for a total of approximately EUR 569 million, said Michael Smithing, managing partner.

BoA-Lynch: “Hungary – World’s Fiscal Leader”

London-based Bank of America-Merrill Lynch has released its monthly global emerging markets report and dedicated a whole section to the Hungarian “draconian” procyclical fiscal tightening during the recent years.


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Magyar Nemzeti Bank Discontinues EUR/CHF Foreign Exchange Swaps

The Swiss National Bank, the European Central Bank, the Narodowy Bank Polski and the Magyar Nemzeti Bank are announcing that they will discontinue EUR/CHF foreign exchange swaps, whereby Swiss franc is provided against the euro, within a term of seven days.     

Seven Members of the Monetary Council Voted to Reduce the Base Rate to 6.25 Pct

On December 21, seven members of the National Bank of Hungary's (NBH) Monetary Council, voted to reduce the base rate to 6.25 pct: Péter Bihari, Vilmos Bihari, Ilona Hardy, Ferenc Karvalits, Júlia Király, Judit Neményi, András Simor. One member, Tamás Bánfi, voted to reduce the base rate to 6.00.
Council members agreed that previous decisions on interest rate and comments on interest rate policy had made it obvious that, in view of the outlook for inflation, it was justified to continuously reduce interest rates, which the MNB was implementing gradually.


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Monetary Council Reduced the Base Rate to Summer 2006 Level

Monetary Council of the Central Bank (NBH) has reduced the base rate to 6.25 pct by 25 bp.

MNB: In October Households Borrowed Less Both in Foreign Currency and in Forint

Households borrowed less both in foreign currency and in forint in October, compared with September.

2010 Budget Endorsed by Legislators

Hungarian legislators endorsed the budget plan prepared by the technocratic government.

Hungary Will Not Draw Next IMF Loan Installment

Finance Minister Peter Oszko announced that after the review, which acknowledged the achievements of the crisis management, Hungary would not intend to draw the next EUR 792 million installment of the loan.

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