Flood Protection Developments along River Dráva from EU Funding

The assistance contract of the project bearing the title "Drávaszabolcs-Kémes Flood Area" was signed on 22 March.

Micro-Regional Education Network to be Developed by Investing HUF 730 million

The Zomba micro-regional education network will be developed within the framework of the New Hungary Development Plan National School Renewal Program by investing funding of approximately HUF 730 million.

Work Commences on HUF 3.6 Billion Spa Development in SE Hungary

The cornerstone of a HUF 3.6 billion spa development in Mako (SouthEast Hungary) was laid on Friday.

Activity Workshop Offering Assistance for Severely Disabled Young People

The activity workshop offering assistance for severely multiply disabled young people was set up with the help of EU funding.

Human Infrastructure Developments in the Middle Transdanubian Region

Having just signed a series of assistance contracts under the New Hungary Development Plan, further human infrastructure developments can get underway in Veszprém County with the help of EU funding.

Incubation Center of Creative Industrial Sectors Opened at University of Debrecen

The incubation center of creative industrial sectors was set up with the help of EU funding amounting to nearly HUF 400 million at the University of Debrecen.

Construction of Another Micro-Regional Outpatient Healthcare Center to Commence

A total of HUF 481 billion has been earmarked under the New Hungary Development Plan for healthcare developments over the 2007–2013 period.

Érd-Erzsébet Drainage Network to be Developed from a HUF 663 Million Investment

The Érd-Erzsébet rainwater drainage system will be completed by the end of summer by investing over HUF 663 million.

Heavy Vehicles to Bypass Hosszúhetény From Now on

The approximately 3 kilometer-long section of Road 6541 bypassing the settlement of Hosszúhetény has just been completed.

Renewed Healthcare Institutions in the North Great Plain Region

Three renewed healthcare institutions are about to be handed over in the North Great Plain region within the framework of the New Hungary Development Plan.

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