Infrastructure and Transport

Construction of the SkyCourt Commences at Ferihegy

The foundation stone of the SkyCourt, the new terminal building at Ferihegy Airport, was laid ceremoniously on June 10.

University of Kaposvar Signs for HUF 3 billion in Development Funding

The University of Kaposvar (SW Hungary) on June 10 signed a contract for HUF 3 billion in subsidies for infrastructure and IT investments.

Dunamenti Power Plant Carries Out EUR 220 million in Investments

The Dunamaneti Power Plant said on June 4 that it is undertaking EUR 220 million in investments to boost efficiency In April, the trade balance showed a surplus of 125 billion Ft (EUR 430 million).

Expo Hotel to Open in July

Mellow Mood invited partners to a hard hat party to present the Expo Congress Hotel, scheduled to open in two months.

Apron Extended in Ferihegy

The first phase of the apron extension in Ferihegy has reached completion.

Unilever is Investing in Hungary

Unilever Magyarország Kft [Unilever Hungary Ltd] gained strategic importance on the portfolio of the Dutch-British company

Conference on the Program Aimed at Developing the 33 Most Disadvantaged Micro-Regions

The National Development Agency and Promei Non-Profit Ltd. jointly organized the first evaluation conference on the complex program aimed at developing of the 33 most disadvantaged micro-regions on 27 May.

China Investment Promotion Agency to Set Up Office in Hungary

Hungary and China signed a letter of intent a week ago on opening an office of the China Investment Promotion Agency (CIPA) in Hungary, its first abroad.

Stricter Rules Concerning EU Airlines

The European Union has thoroughly examined airlines belonging to its jurisdiction and has created a checklist about their websites in order to protect consumers.

Sun Microsystems Move to Millennium City Center

Sun Microsystems will relocate their offices from Buda Business Center to Millennium Tower II during summer 2009.

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