Electric Car Rental Network in Budapest

The prototype of the first Hungarian-designed electric car, Bontino Caffo, developed by Brixxon Electric MotorCars, will hit the roads of Budapest next year.

Renewing Shop Windows in Budapest's Downtown

The Tourism Office of Budapest, Studio Metropolitana together with the Association of Decorateurs, have announced a brainstorm-tender for artists and cultural groups, entitled "Shop windows of Budapest".

Balatontourist Plans Developments at Nudist Beach and Camp Site

Balatontourist, the new operator of the nudist beach and camp site at Balatonberény on the southern shore of Lake Balaton, is planning developments for the holiday season; interest in the nudist camp site has again risen since last year.

Foreign Visitors’ Shopping Spree Grew in the First Half of 2009

In the first half of 2009, foreign visitors spent a total of HUF 544 billion in Hungary,21 pct more than a year ago.

Good Opportunity for Hungarian Health Services

According to the recent verdict of a German court, German patients wishing to have dental care abroad will only need a price offer and preliminary approval from the health insurance to access foreign services.

Hungarians Save Up and Invest Instead of Borrowing

The present economic situation has not brought about changes in people’s use of financial products.

Conference on the Program Aimed at Developing the 33 Most Disadvantaged Micro-Regions

The National Development Agency and Promei Non-Profit Ltd. jointly organized the first evaluation conference on the complex program aimed at developing of the 33 most disadvantaged micro-regions on 27 May.

Hungary Mobile Internet Subscriptions Rise to 566,000 in April

The number of mobile internet subscriptions in Hungary rose to 566,000 at the end of April from 542,000 at the end of March, the National Telecommunications Authority (NHH) said on May 21.

Parliament Approves Bajnai Government Pension Changes

Hungary's Parliament on May 11 approved pension changes proposed by the Bajnai government that replace annual bonuses with a premium linked to economic growth.

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