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The Trade Balance Showed a Surplus of EUR 2,245 Million in January–May

The trade balance showed a surplus of EUR 2,245 million (HUF 605 billion), which is higher by EUR 844 million (HUF 186 billion) than one year earlier.

In June 2010 Forint Borrowing by Households Exceeded Repayments

As in the previous month, in June 2010, forint borrowing by households exceeded repayments, i.e. the sector was a net borrower, while repayments in foreign currency exceeded borrowing, i.e. the sector was a net repayer.

In the First Half of 2010, 9,000 Dwellings Received Occupancy Permits

In the first half of 2010, 9,000 dwellings received occupancy permits and 10,000 new building permits were issued.

The Industrial Producer Prices Were 1.4 Pct Higher in June

In June, industrial producer prices were 1.4 pct higher than in the previous month and 6.9 pct higher than a year before.

Number of Public Procurement Tenders up

The number of public procurement tenders was up 145 pct in the first half of 2010 from one year earlier.

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