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Hungary's GDP will be around 1pct – GKI

According to GKI Economic Research Co. and Erste Bank, the rate of growth will be around 1pct due to the rapid expansion of exports and the improvement of domestic demand.


“A boy needs his father, so the saying goes. It's what Istvan Szabo's film is all about.”


International news sources report on Hungarian economics and finance.

AmCham Shows Hungarian Electronics as Biggest Contributor to GDP

The American Chamber of Commerce has disagreed and recalculated with the statistical results of the Central Statistical Office (KSH).

RAGT to Build Seed-Planting Processor in Hungary

French-owned RAGT Semences will soon start building a seed-planting processing and packaging facility in the Morahalom industrial park (SE Hungary), company director Didier Nury said on August 30.

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